Alive and well

I'm alive and well, just been too lazy and inspiration broke up with me. There are so many blogs with hot chicks rockin' better than I used to, soooo I want to apologize to you.
Just want to update with some Instagram photos :)


Estoy sana y salva, pero me he vuelto muy vaga y la inspiración me ha dejado. hay demasiados blogs con tias buenas haciendo cosas mucho mejores que las mías. Os pido disculpas a todos.

1- Topshop black top, F21 Shorts, DP Belt, H&M Headband.
2- Ray Ban readers, EuroDisney pen.
3- Bimba & Lola bag and ring.
4- DP top.
5- F21 top.
6- Marypaz lace up sandals.
7- Sanita clogs.
8- Taquito, Hello Kitty and Domo kun.
9- Pink Sephora Lipstick, just amazing.
10- DP top, H&M flower and Taquito as Lion King.
11- Chubby braids.
12- F21 ring.

See you soon cuties.

Alive and well - Rise Against

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  1. anda queeeeee
    quiero actualizaciones ya, qué es eso de tias buenas con mejores cosas en sus blogs. ESO NANAI!

    que se echa de menos!