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There is so much to say about Crystal Renn. In a way, she's become the barometer for how the fashion industry feels about the realm of plus size - from her numerous campaigns to walking some of the world's most high profile runways, she's come a long way since her Lane Bryant campaigns. After an initial heath scare due to extreme weight loss early in her career and bouncing back to a healthy size 12, Crystal has triggered comments, concerns and even outrage over her current size.

Photographer Derek Kettela shot the controversial model for Paper Planes F/W 2010 issue. Styled by Andreas Kokkino, the looks mix leopard, lace, leather, velvet and polka dots, creating a modern rock & roll feel with an undeniable nod to Grease. Whether you have strong feelings about her current weight, there is something about her that both the fashion industry and the public find captivating.

Do her weight struggles make her more relatable? Perhaps it's her ethnic ambiguity that makes her appealing to a wider audience? Whatever the reasons, she's already had a longer career than most models - and her profile only seems to be growing.

via: http://www.styleitonline.com/Crystal-Renn-Paper-Planes-FallWinter-2010-12539120

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