Chelsea boots

“Chelsea boots were considered an element of the 1960s mod scene, their popularity is often attributed in part to musicians such as The Beatles (who wore what became known as Beatle boots) and The Rolling Stones, who primarily wore Chelsea-style boots with Cuban heels. A similar boot is the heavier Blundstone boot, which is popular in Australia.”

1. New Look £60.00
2. Asos €86.03
3. Topshop £65.00
4. Asos €59.56

In love with Asos last ones

2 comentarios:

  1. I'm sure you can read my mind! Chelsea boots or on my to buy list this winter, I love the NL ones, perfect heel height and everything, I just wish the soles were black! For a cheaper option I may have to go for the River Island ones.

  2. LOL
    ok, we have the best taste ever!!!
    I'll do a list with my top winter pieces... SURE i'll read your mind twice!